OK I give in! My Trump Reflections.

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2016 was no less than astonishing for the Western World. First, we had Brexit and then Trump.

Millions of people were shocked and could not believe what they were hearing on the morning after both elections.

I have been quietly watching the proceedings and keeping my thoughts to myself. Not because I am burying my head in the sand, but I am simply “Gobsmacked!” That word means that I can’t open my gob because somehow I can’t find the words to express what I am feeling.

Let’s be clear; I don’t like the man or his politics. But I just want to share some of my thoughts.

I have asked the opinion of people whom I admire and trust, and I have still not got any answer other than such expressions as “We cannot allow this!”

So it was a treat to walk by some people this week and overhear the following conversation. “What d’you think about Trump then?”  and a woman replied, “Oh I think he is great!”

I am reading a book by David Hawkins at the moment called Power versus Force. In it, he talks about the difference between power and force.

I love the fact that the marches have been carried out by thousands if not millions of people, particularly against the misogynist remarks. That is power!

Force would be if they turned into riots and people started losing their lives. I am fearful that with all the winding up that is going on, particularly on Social Media, that this will happen.

We have seen ugly photos of Trump, taking the mickey out of him and putting him down using ugly words and expressions. We have seen FEAR from everywhere. Fear of what he is going to do mainly. Fear of the man himself?

There is a Law of Attraction, and I cannot help but believe that if we keep on perpetuating ugly and fearful posts, photos, etc., about this man, and about the FEAR that people are feeling, that we will end up in a situation where that fear is justified.

I believe in people power; I believe that Trump needs to go. But I also believe that we need to give power a chance and not using force.

I am not talking about a wishy-washy power such as never saying anything or just giving into whatever happens. But the stupid, negative, cruel and fearmongering stuff that we are seeing and hearing from Social Media and other scaremongering is a form of Force.

Force only perpetuates force. Meaning that we use force when we kill, fight and battle with one another. We will not change things in the White House by using this force or perpetuating fear.

So let’s all try and think about how we can use power. Our personal power, finding things about the situation that are powerful, which we do not hear about.

By not using power, we are giving Trump our personal power.

By not using our personal power we are giving into fear.

By holding onto and perpetuating our fears, we are giving into this man.

Somehow for me, the power of the marches say it all. They are like a warm ray of sunshine bathing a cold landscape of fear and panic.

How about we try and do things in a non-threatening manner and show Trump what we are all made of. Instead of the silly stuff being spread about him, and sitting in fear about the future?

And yes, there may even be room for a little love and peace being thrown his way!

Perhaps that may help the world to cross this bridge safely.


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4 thoughts on “OK I give in! My Trump Reflections.”

    1. Thank you Grace. I am practicing being Authentic! This is something that we had a talk about at the beginning of the year in Damsels in Success. Thanks to you.

  1. Fabulous and well considered article. I too have my private thoughts and when watching the TV the words I am an Anti-Christ kept coming into my mind. Thank you, the Sex Pistols.

    Writing about that and perpetuating that description would also spread fear and as you say it is through power, using power wisely that change can come.

    1. Thank you Jaqui. It took a bit of courage on my part, and I had to write it very carefully. Bit nerve racking, as You never know what you are going to attract. Sticking your neck out is never easy. But I felt that it was the right time.

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