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In the last couple of weeks I have changed my diet back to very little carbs and no dairy, except butter and Live Yoghurt. Two weeks ago I was feeling lousy. Putting on too much weight, clothes too tight, and tired all the time. Nealry two weeks on I cannot believe my energy levels. I feel great, and people are telling me that I look great. This is not about weight loss, but I have actually lost 4lbs too.

I do not believe in dieting for weight loss, that only leads to misery and failure. But what I do believe is that we should all stick to natural foods, 80% of the time. My theory is that the reason why I have to stick to a diet without a lot of carbs and dairy, is that over the forty odd years of bingeing and starving I did my body a lot of damage.

In the last few months I had been eating these foods and I know that I am intolerant to them

In a few months time there will be a story in the making here, because I am also doing some inner work on myself attached to this. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Lots more info to come. 

A great article on eating healthily in our older years written by Jane Sutton can be found here;


A book that will interest you whatever capacity you are looking here for. It is an informative book about how diet has developed from the Hunter Gatherer times, right down to 2015.

The last 100 years are covered a decade per chapter and if you are over fifty you will find it fun to be reminded of what you were eating in the infancy of the Baby Boomers.  This one and the others can be found on Amazon Kindle or as a print to order.



In the past my other speciality was supporting people who are struggling with food and self image issues, and thinking that they need to starve themselves. The following book  ” Sod Dieting” will help you to see the futility of this. There are other books, both written by myself and others on the book review page. I am now offering this book FREE as a PDF if anyone wants to send me their email address. I promise that you will not be put onto a mailing list!

It is still available on Amazon.


If you would like to recieve any PDF’s with the following titles, please feel free to send me an email privately and I will gladly let you have one or more, FREE with no obligation and a promise not to keep sending any further emails unless you ask me to. 

They are; Design Your Own Diet, Bingeing and Compulsive Eating, and My Secret Weight Managment Strategy.

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