What is Your Ageing or Health Story?


Are you struggling with weight?

Are you active enough?

Are you always at the doctors surgery?

Are you ageing with vitality?

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I bet that you could find something that you really want to do or be, but you have a story that is holding you back.

It could be that you believe the reason why you are not able to achieve your goal is a genuine one. But why not just write THE END to the old story and begin a new one.

For example. You have contacted a friend and he or she has not answered. In your mind you think, she doesn’t like me anymore, or she is too busy for the likes of me, or I bet she’s out enjoying herself somewhere and doesn’t care. When you eventually find out that she had lost her phone, or was with someone and could not be disturbed, there is sigh of relief and you realise that what you did was to make up a story. And every time a similar circumstance comes up, you re-write the old story.

Let’s  take a problem such as losing weight. It could be that you have tried every diet under the sun and it has not worked. So you have given up trying. How true is your story? Have you really tried every diet under the sun? And if you think that you have, could there be another way, other than dieting?

Take activity, you may have persuaded yourself that you are an active person and that you get plenty of exercise. You go to the gym, or have tried that, but it makes you so tired and hungry that have given it up as a dead loss. Have you thought of trying another way rather than just giving up?

Visiting the doctor for every little ache, pain or concern, can be a bad habit. Or it could be that you are bored. Or it could be that it is your hobby in life to talk about illness instead of just finding out what your condition is, research it, deal with it the best way possible, put it on the back burner and get on with your life.

Are you feeling your age? Do you feel older than your years? Are you blaming everything on your age?

Are you really bored or are you just lifeless with no motivation?

Or are you still living the old story?

I have just watched a Tony Robbins talk on TV in which he talks about how to win in life. He talks about motivation, strategy and how to infuence people, but he reckons that the single biggest thing that holds people back is their story.

What is yours?

What is really stopping you?

Are you telling the same story over and over again in life and not even considering that you could change it?

You do have a choice! You can change it!

What ever you may be feeling that you stuck in, or a failure at, how could you change the story?

Put a stop to procrastination, fear and using your old story as an excuse.

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Ageing and the Law of Attraction



Many of you will be aware of the Law of Attraction and many may not.

Many may be aware of how this affects ageing, and indeed your whole life cycle.

Firstly lets define what the LOA is.

It is something that happens whether you believe or not! Just like gravity, it is a Universal law. One of the things that keeps the universe going. It is an energy, you cannot see it, but it is there. It is NOT a magic spell, that you can use to just sit and attract things to you with.

But when you see evidence of it, then it can seem magical.

There is a film that has been used to introduce people to the Law of Attraction called “The Secret!”  This was pruduced by Rhona Byrne some 10 years ago, and brings a lot of peoples attention to it. But I would like to emphasise that it is only an introduction. There is a lot more behind it than just saying that you want something and expecting it to happen.

You do need to take action! For example if you want to lose weight, you cannot just say “I want to lose weight” and then continue with your present lifestyle. But what will happen if you mean it, is that you will find people and things coming into your life that draws your attention to the changes that you can make. It is up to you to make those changes and use those resourses.

Hence, the word Attraction.

In our every day lives, the LOA is coming into effect with what we think, say and believe. It works for the better and for the worse.

If you get up in the morning and think that you are going to have a good day, you will more than likely have a good day. If you think that you are going to have a bad day, then you almost certainly will, unless you change your thinking.

A good example would be if you got up and tripped over a rug on your way to the shower, and then perhaps you dropped the soap. You may think “Here we go, it’s going to be one of those days!” Guess what happens. But you could just say, “Ok world, you want a challenge? It’s not been good so far, but I will damn well make sure that it does not stay that way!”

Sychronisation then comes into play, and you start noticing the good things going on around you. You forget the bad start, and get on with your day.

This is what happens in life in general, and so it can be with ageing. If you think of your older years as something to dread and resist with constantly fighting it with ani-ageing this and anti-ageing that, you end up attracting a dreadful old age, and cannot understand it when you find that you are fighting what seems like a losing battle. You find that inspite of all your efforts, with face creams, make up, face lifts, tummy tucks, supplements and so on, that age is winning after all. What we resist, persists!

In effect the Law of Attraction has been in action, because you are concentrating on fighting what you do NOT want!

The way to use the LOA in a way that would serve you better, is to embrace your ageing, and then you will find sychronisation coming into play, with people, articles, books and ideas that help you to be the best you can as you age. How to eat, how to be creative, learning, a new interest that will give you a boost in self-image, and expertise that you may not realise that you have and can help other people, teaching them using writing skills and the internet.

Being a wise old grandma or grandpa that children love to talk to and confide in, or the sort of parent that is a friend to your children. Gathering people around you that think like you. You are loved and you love them.

I recently went to a 90 year olds birthday party, and there were 14 wonderful vibrant people there. Not a sing-song in sight! Just stimulating conversation and healthy and attractive people, from the age of 60 onwards. Because she is attracting these people to her with her happy disposition.

So you see you can end up glowing, joyful and happy and enjoying the ageing process and seeing that actually ageing can bring wisdom and vitality.

Can you see the difference?

The Universal Laws are many. LOA is the most well known and most likely the one that you have heard about. In the following week or so I will be looking at how some of them can have an effect on you no matter what your age.


If you would want to read aboout how to eat more healthily that suits you as the unique person you are, here are  the details of my book. “Design Your Own Diet”

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Getting the Balance Right



We hear so much these days about people’s ideas of what is good to eat, and what is not.

  • Eat meat; Don’t eat meat.
  • Low Carbohydrate; Base your meal on starchy foods.
  • High protein; Too much protein is not good.
  • Eat Grains; Don’t eat grains.
  • Saturated fat is good; Saturated fat is bad.
  • No Alcohol; Have a glass of red wine every day.

So it continues. No wonder that people are confused eh?

Are you confused? Well I am here to tell you that you don’t need to be.

Look once and for all to see what suits you.

The basis of a good healthy diet is to eat only foods that have not been processed, refined, added to, adulterated in any way and organic where possible.

As soon as you do this, then your body will start to recover from all the junk that you have been putting into it.

Get used to reading labels to see what ingredients are present.

Buy as locally as possible.

Base your meals on pure food.

From there you can start to build up a way of eating that will suit you, the individual, for life.


We all have different nutritional needs, and we need to find out what those needs are.

This way, we will keep control of our weight, age healthily and nourish our body in a way that is sustainable.

You can find out more by reading my book “Design Your Own Diet”


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O3HGHNK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O3HGHNK

This book is useful for anyone who is interested in eating in a healthy way, whether your issue is weight, Type 2 Diabetes, self-image, Nutrition, limiting beliefs or changing how you think.

It is also useful if you just want to find out how to eat to keep you healthy as you age. Ageing does not have to be negative. Don’t just sit back and take pot luck.